Cyber Foundations: For Parents

Lisa Coppola used to worry that her son was spending too much time on the computer. But when he won one of the US Cyber Challenge competitions, was flown to the nation's capital to meet their Senator, and was interviewed on NPR and Fox News, she decided, "Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing after all".

Lisa's story demonstrates why parents like having their high school aged children involved in the Cyber Foundations competition:

  • The skills they learn are valuable for their careers - The US Bureau of Labor statistics says that systems and network administration is the second fastest growing job category over the next 8 years, with more than 150,000 new positions.
  • The recognition they can receive by doing well in the competition can help set them apart in the competition for college admissions.
  • The work they do reinforces their interest in technology - an interest that might not get a lot of support in some schools.
  • They can use the skills they learn to help make computers work better at home and at school and can sometimes turn the skills into part-time jobs.
  • They are helping the nation fill a critical shortage in skills needed to compete internationally and protect critical infrastructures.

And besides, it's a lot of fun.