Cyber Foundations: For Mentors

Many high schools do not have any technology education programs, so the faculty may not feel comfortable helping kids master the Cyber Foundations materials. As a mentor, you can "adopt a school" and help the students compete.

If you work in cyber security, you know that the shortage of technical talent in the field is acute. Cyber Foundations is a way to directly help build the pipeline of talented young people coming into the field. You might even find an intern or two who can help you while they are in college.

If you are interested in mentoring, contact the principal of your local high school and offer to present the program to the students who might be interested and to come by the school two or three times during the competition period to serve as a mentor to students who are participating. As an authorized mentor of a school, you will then be given a mentor code to register and gain access to the material in order to work with the students. If you have your mentor code, please go to the main registration page and register where the students register, using your mentor code.